January Craft Night

For our first craft night we used a Craft a Community crafting kit. January’s activity was painted mandala rocks.

We had a group of six ladies, and met at my house. Here is my set up:

The kits came with enough supplies for each person to paint three different rocks. There are three kit options each month- enough supplies for three, six, or twelve crafters. Instructions for the activity were included. Six kits cost $60 and shipping was $9.50, so the cost per crafter was $11.59.

The kits also include a phone number sheet so that everyone can exchange contact information after the night is over. I thought this was a nice touch! The package was shipped via USPS Priority Mail, and since I’m local I received it a day after it was shipped. I liked that the craft was enjoyable for a person of any skill level. I am not imaginative or creative, but I still had fun! We all kind of watched each other and shared ideas. I think the only negative I found was that the package was filled with packing peanuts, which are a pain to dispose of and not recyclable.

We all had a lot of fun and I am looking forward to February’s craft night!