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Today is the 80 year anniversary of Kristallnacht, so I want to talk about something heavy.

This high school is down the street from my sister’s apartment. This is the third racist or anti Semitic incident in two weeks there.

We act like racism doesn’t exist anymore. We pretend a Holocaust couldn’t happen in America today. We say “we’re praying” (as we should,) but when God provides us with a platform to speak out or to help others we ignore it. Why do we do that?

I guess it’s easy to turn a blind eye when it isn’t our family members being targeted.

I don’t have all the answers. In fact I have more questions than I have solutions. I do know, however, that ignoring the problem does nothing to fix the problem.

I don’t want to have to talk to my children about racism, but I know I’m going to have to start soon.

I pray. I teach my toddler’s Sunday School class. We are faithful church members. I believe that is only the foundation though. I feel God pulling on my heart, telling me to DO something. I’m just not yet sure exactly what that “something” is.

So, let’s chat. What are some ways you talk to your children, grandchildren, or students about uncomfortable topics, like racism and anti-semitism?

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Product Spotlight: Smart Bottoms Small Wet Bags

This is an unsponsored post- Items were purchased by me.

Everyone in the cloth diaper world knows how handy and useful wet bags are. Did you know that wet bags have more uses than just carrying dirty diapers while on the go?

I like to use the small wet bags to carry a change of clothing for each of my children. It keeps each outfit together in the diaper bag so I don’t need to take everything out to find it in an emergency.

On the left is a Small Smart Bottoms wet bag in the Campfire Tails print. I love the thickness and the quality of its construction. I’m not worried about it falling apart. Inside this wet bag I can fit a 3T shirt, 2T shorts or pants, a pull-up, and a pair of socks (not shown).

On the right is a Small MESH Smart Bottoms wet bag in the Walk Tall print, exclusive to Abby’s Lane. This one is much thinner and is breathable due to the mesh. In this one I can currently fit a 3m shirt, shorts, and zip up hoodie.

Both of these wet bags have room to spare, so I can add other items as needed.

Even if you don’t cloth diaper I recommend keeping a couple wet bags on hand in your home and diaper bag. They’re great for organization and emergencies!

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How To NOT Sound Intelligent When Talking About the Israel-Gaza Conflict

Have you picked a side in the current Middle East conflict? Have you voiced your opinion all over social media? Here are some things you should say and do to sound unintelligent, uninformed, and completely lose your audience:

(Yes, I have actually seen all of these examples.)

1.) Hamas is full of freedom fighters, not terrorists.

2.) Hitler was right. Kill all the Jews!

3.) Israel and all Jews will rot in hell!

4.) Where do you live? I’ll come kill your family and see how you like it!

Say all that, and then end your rant with this gem:

5.) Israel is a terrorist apartheid state! The Palestinian people are innocent victims and Israel must be stopped at all costs!

Throw some profanities and more racist comments in there, and you’re really looking peaceful and tolerant.

Keep it classy, people.