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I’m Back!

Well, as you may have noticed, I have been MIA the past several months. Here’s a look at what I was up to:

• Being a wife. It’s always nice to take a break and look at things once in a while. My husband and I celebrated our THIRD wedding anniversary this month! Yep, still love that guy.

• Dealt with homeownership. Back in January a pipe burst in our full bathroom. Let’s just say the cleanup was messy. Our contractor was finally able to pencil us in and complete the necessary work this month. That meant my husband and my sisters lived out of our suitcases in a hotel for two weeks. Not ideal, but we are thankful for the end result!


• Postcrossing. If you don’t know what that is, check it out! I have been sending (and receiving) postcards from all over the world! I love it 🙂

•Following the Stanley Cup playoffs VERY closely. Okay, so I’m a huge Blackhawks fan. This postseason was exciting, stressful, and nerve wracking. Looking forward to the upcoming season! Okay, I can breathe now.

• Spending time with friends and family.

So what’s next?

I reorganized a book group I started a few years ago. This summer will be full of visits with friends and family. Kane County Cougars and Chicago Cubs games with my husband are in my future. I pray I will be able to keep up with this blog now that things are starting to even out here.

Looking forward to hearing from you all!

Jenn, IMarriedACubsFan 🙂

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Fan Friday!- Q&A With a Cubs Fan


Welcome to the first installment of Fan Friday! Below you will find an interview with my husband, Benjamin Gordon, about the upcoming baseball season. All of his responses are unedited (which you can tell by his response to number 7!) Enjoy!

1.) What are you looking forward to most about baseball season?

Everything. Sun soaked days in the stands at Wrigley Field with family and friends, Pat Hughes calling Cubs games on the radio, fantasy baseball, Kane County Cougars games. There are so many good things it’s hard to narrow it down.

2.) Which players do you plan to keep an eye out for in the minors this season?

I keep an eye on all the prospects but my attention is most focused on the Cubs big four of Javier Baez, Kris Bryant, Albert Almora, & Jorge Soler. Baez and Bryant should make it to Wrigley this summer, so that will be exciting to watch.

3.) Do you think the Cubs will break even this year?

No. ZiPS projects the Cubs to win 71 games, which seems about right.

4.) What do you think about all of the Wrigley Field renovation plans from the Cubs?

They’re great, but work needs to get under way. Currently, Cubs players are at a disadvantage with their cramped clubhouses and lack of batting cages, so getting them a proper clubhouse, batting cages, and other modern training spaces is of the utmost importance in making sure the Cubs are on an even playing field with the rest of MLB.

5.) What is something you would change about Wrigley Field if you could? What would you do differently with the Cubs?

To me, Wrigley is just about perfect. The renovations will make it more comfortable for fans, but if I could change something it would probably be to stop playing “Go Cubs Go”. As far as the team goes, I am a believer in the direction that Theo, Jed, and the Ricketts have the Cubs pointed in. It has required patience but the rewards will start coming soon.

6.) Do you like Clark the Cub? How would you improve the mascot?

If the kids enjoy it then it’s a good thing. I’m not the target demographic.

7.) Who is your favorite White Sox fan? (There is a correct response to this question ;))

I try to forget she is a White Sox fan, but, I suppose it would be my wife.

8.) How many games do you plan to attend in 2014? Have you bought any tickets yet?

I like to get to around five Cubs games. I plan to catch several Kane County Cougars (Cubs class A minor league affiliate) games as well.

9.) How excited are you about Giordano’s at Wrigley this year? 🙂

This was terrible news from Clark & Addison this winter. However, if you’re eating pizza at a ballgame you’re doing it wrong anyway. Grab a Vienna beef hot dog (no ketchup) and enjoy the game.

10.) Which Cubs uni is your favorite? Home, away, alternate? Why?

My favorite is the home set, and the reason is simple. It’s classic. Nothing goes better with the ivy covered walls and manually operated scoreboard than a simple white uniform with blue pinstripes. However, I am also excited about the nine throwbacks the Cubs will be wearing this year in commemoration of Wrigley Field’s 100th anniversary.

11.) So it is Wrigley Field’s 100th anniversary this year. That should be interesting. Which promo are you most excited about?

The Cubs Viewmaster should be interesting. Several of the bobbleheads sound cool as well, such as the Kerry Wood 20 strikeout bobblehead, the Babe Ruth “called shot” bobblehead, and the Gale Sayers bobblehead.

Anything else you would like to add?



Super Bowl Sunday and What it Looks Like in Our House

Almost every American knows that this Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday. The Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos will face off in New Jersey this Sunday, and if things work out, Peyton Manning will lead his team to victory 😉

This Sunday will start out like any other Sunday for our family. Church starts at 10:00 AM and Lord willing we will have our monthly fellowship lunch.

Sunday night we will watch the football game, and hopefully cheer the Broncos to a victory! Okay, so we aren’t Denver Broncos fans, but our Bears aren’t in the Super Bowl this year and we like the Broncos more than the Seahawks. Who doesn’t love Peyton Manning?

We don’t bet huge amounts of money on the game. We don’t throw a huge party with food and beer. We will probably have lots of chips and salsa though 🙂

Final score? I predict Denver wins 21 to 18. What do you think?